Missy is a 15 year old thoroughbred ex-racehorse, once a winner, but retired.

On a rainy day in early May of 2013 our beautiful Missy passed away after several weeks of a severe recurring colic. We stayed with her, stroking her and reassuring her while whispering in her ear as she left this world for the next. Her grace and beauty will be missed.


I am an old racehorse gelding, and I am a lovely chap, even if I do say so myself! When my owners realized I couldn’t run fast enough anymore, they would give me steroids. Then one day I fainted and my veins collapsed up my neck and around my eyes, which is why I have this funny eye. My front right ankle is so badly damaged that I am permanently lame. When I couldn’t be used for racing anymore, they would give me hormones and I thought I was a stallion again. They used me to “tease” the mares who needed to become pregnant. Then they decided feeding me was too expensive since they had no use for me anymore. It would have been curtains if Howard and Jennifer of the Ocala Equine Rescue hadn’t taken me home with them. I am so grateful that I can spend the rest of my days in a green pasture, flirting with Maadri and Yashoda, and teaching the young lad, some manners!

On September 2nd, Pandu or the “Colonel”, as he was affectionately known on the farm, left his tired, weak body. He had been losing weight for months and the vets were perplexed. They said his biological systems had broken down and only his kidneys were working properly. He was a fighter to the very end, eating two huge meals a day to keep going, but he just got too weak.
His “racing” name was Not for Keeps and he earned someone $247,909 winning 9 races from 1990 to 1995. If someone reading this knows anymore about him we would love to hear from you.

Our lives were changed when he came to the farm, rescued from a deplorable situation. He was loving and kind, but would give the odd kick to any other horse wanting to steal his food. He laid down under a beautiful granddaddy oak and just couldn’t get up again on Sunday afternoon. The Florida weather was kind to him, we had a light breeze and some cloud cover. All the horses , even the ones in the adjacent pasture, came to offer their last respects. All except one, Maadri, his constant companion since he and she had come to the farm, both rescued together. She had been by his side when he lay down for the last time, only walking off when we arrived to try to help him up. I guess she couldn’t bring herself to say a final goodbye.

We salute you Pandu, you will be missed.


“Somewhere in time's own space
There must be some sweet pastured place
Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
Some paradise where horses go,
For by the love that guides my pen
I know great horses live again.”
~Stanley Harrison

Donate a little and help us to help them to live a good life in those green pastures. This winter they will need grain and hay and like everything it is getting more expensive. We need to build more shelters when it rains and of course the vet and farrier have to be paid. Please help if you can and a big THANK YOU to all those who already have.

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